Pioneering park

Pioneering park

“Pioneering—is the ability to perform acts of Creation” David Ben-Gurion

Hiding in our olive orchade there is an O.D.T activity for groups.

This activity is made of five stations, each was designed in the spirit of one of David Ben-Gurion’s quotes about pioneering, which was the foundation of the zionist movment in the land of Israel at the beggining of the 20th century.

In each station the group will have to face a challenge, will they rise up to it?

The activity is about an hour or an hour and a half long, but we can accommodate any of your needs, the group can be up to 80 participants, because each station can be up to about 20 participants (give or take one or two), it is important to understand that the activity is outside, in the sun, the participants should be ready for dust, mud, heat, cold and other weather elements.

The activity requires a hat, closed shoes and and water for each participant.

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