Come to visit
Ben-Gurion Desert Home

Come to visit Ben-Gurion Desert Home

בואו להכיר את חוויית צריף בן-גוריון

Desert Home

Come and Join us at Paula and David Ben-Gurion’s Desert home in Sde Boker, a national heritage site. Visiting their Desert Home illustrates who Ben-Gurion was, not only as a leader and public figure, but also as person in the privacy of his own home, wearing his Pajamas, and reading the newspaper.

Paula and David moved to their Desert home in 1953, following their acceptance as Sde Boker Kibbutz members, which manifested Ben-Gurion’s pioneering vision of settling the Negev.
Their home has remained as it was left in 1973, according to Ben-Gurion’s instructions in his will, that his home will be open for the public to come visit. Since 1974, visitors can enjoy a tour of his home – as they would if they we’re his own personal guests.

The heart of the house is Ben-Gurion’s study with a library of 5,000 books (most of his books remained in his house in Tel Aviv, where till today there are over 22,000 books) covering his fields of interest: Judaism and the Bible, philosophy, history, geography, the IDF security and more. The library reflects his wide range of interests, and the many languages he spoke. In this room, Ben-Gurion wrote his memoir, which he dedicated mostly for Israel’s youth and next generation.

Before entering the museum, we offer an animated short film (free of charge), which presents the life of David Ben-Gurion and his vision regarding the Negev Desert.

Adjacent to Ben-Gurion’s Home are three separate exhibition rooms which further demonstrate Ben-Gurion’s character and world view:

The Gypsum house – the first house built on the kibbutz. This exhibition presents Ben-Gurion’s vision of the Negev and his connection to Kibbutz Sde Boker.

“The Test of time” – an interactive activity for the whole family, which examins Ben-Gurion’s actions and views through “the test of time”, using computerized activity tables.Leadership exhibition: “Who is a leader”? – a short film on different aspects of Ben-Gurion’s leadership.

These three supporting exhibitions were added on, as to provide a more interactive and informing visit. Together with the original home they comprise the Museum, which is part of The Ben Gurion Heritage institute, established by the “Ben- Gurion Law” in 1976.

The Ben Gurion Heritage institute, is a Zionist, educational and historical institute, located in the Negev. The institute is dedicated to an ongoing exploration of Ben-Gurion’s legacy and its relevance today.

The museum is open and accessible for all ages and there is no need to book in advance. Group tours are available and can be booked in advance and customized accordingly.

Trial Of The People

This is an Interactive movie activity.
In 1948 Ben-Gurion wrote:”..We don’t have jury…i hope it will be in our future constitution…it is desired that we will be judged by the common people with their common sense..”
We took his advise, you will become the jury on five different issues in Israeli history, what will your verdict be?

This activity is in Ben-Gurion’s Campus, just 4 miles south of Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home.

Pioneering Park

The Pioneering Park is an Out Door Training(O.D.T) activity on our site.
In our small olive plantation there are five stations, each of these stations is a different activity, all of them are in the theme of Ben-Gurion’s Pioneering spirit.
Each station is aproxmetly 20-30 minutes, the activity is very modular and we can accomodate your needs, regarding age and the time you have.
the Pioneering Park is for groups of up to 80, because there can only be up to 20 participants in each station.
The challange is hard, will you succeed?

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“The history of the Jewish people is both rich and unique. When educating a people, who is taught both its historical mission and long-term vision, one must aim not only toward the needs of the present, but to the future as well.”

The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute is an educational institute dedicated to spreading the legacy of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. The institute was established following the passing of the David Ben-Gurion Law in 1976, “In memory of David Ben-Gurion and his work, and with the goal to impart his vision to future generations.”