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The museum includes Paula and David Ben Gurion’s Desert Home, additional exhibition dealing with Ben-Gurion, his legacy, and his vision to settle the Negev Desert, as well as interactive activities for the whole family and educational interactive movies.

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Families and individuals don’t need to book in advance (unless you wish to book an additional guided tour).
Organized Groups however, must schedule their visit – and fill out our VISIT FORM

The entire Museum is adapted for visitors of all ages to explore and enjoy the exhibitions and activities. The different exhibitions include written and interactive explanations which enable an educational and fun self-guided visit. The staff and guides will be available for any questions or further information. However, if you prefer to schedule a private guided tour – please call or email us in advance.
Entrance fee

For Coffee and a croissant or a small bite, we have “Paula Café”, right next to the parking lot.

However, If you’re looking for lunch options- we recommend viewing dining options nearby, and in the region.

Sunday-Thursday     8:30-16:00
Friday and Holiday Eves     8:30-14:00
Saturday and Holidays   10:00-16:00
Please arrive at least one hour before closing time.

If scheduled in advance, you can come visit outside of our visiting hours (additional fees apply).
contact us for further information.  

YES. We are accessible for wheelchairs and people with disabilities and continue to improve and add the latest technology as we strive to make our Museum as accessible as possible for all our visitors.


  •  The entire museum is accessible for wheelchairs. Marked handicapped parking is available near the main entrance, and the entire museum and passages are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible stalls are available in rest rooms.
  • Folding chairs are available (as well as a wheelchair).
  • Movies can be screened in Hebrew or English, and subtitles appear in all movies for the hearing-impaired (in Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian)
  • Discounts on admission to holders of a disabled identification card, and admission is free for escorts of blind or visually impaired visitors.
  • Discounts on admission to wheelchair users (admission is free to an escort)

Of course! We can provide maps and additional information in various languages.

In addition, if you want a private tour, we can provide tours in Hebrew, English, Russian and Spanish (don’t forget to book in advance though).

For further information please contact us.

It depends. If you’ve never been to Ben-Gurion’s Desert home, even a short visit can be a special one. But we recommend you plan on at least an hour (Ideally an hour and a half), so you can enjoy some of the activities we have to offer.

Ramat HaNegev (the region which Sde-Boker is located in), offers many exciting accommodation possibilities. Whether in a tent right under the start or in luxurious hotels, click here to explore the different options the Negev Desert has to offer.

Absolutely! We would love to help you plan an unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzva or any other special event, for your family, friends, or for your office. We will be happy to help you plan your event, and can provide a customized visit and catering. Please contact us for more information.

We don’t provide tours of the Kibbutz. We don’t provide tours of the Kibbutz. For more information regarding the Kibbutz, please contact them directly at, or call them at: 08-6560111.

Absolutely yes! David Ben-Gurion used to stand on his head with the guidance of his friend and teacher Moshe Feldenkrais.

For complete information on admission and hours go to visit on this website or call

Admission (NIS) 2021

Tickets NIS
Virtual zoom tour, up to 50 participants408 ₪
Guided tour for children (5-8), students and Senior Citizens
30 ₪
Guided tour for adult40 ₪
Escape room activity – "Ben-Gurion and the chamber of secrets"- (up to 10 participants) 300 ₪
Opening the site beyond visiting hours – from 16:00-18:00300 ₪
Opening the site beyond visiting hours – from 18:00-23:00600 ₪
Additional activities
*Charges are added to the regular ticket fees.
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    Visiting Hours

    Sunday-Thursday      8:30-16:00
    Friday and Holiday Eves      8:30-14:00
    Saturday and Holidays     10:00-16:00

    Please arrive at least one hour before closing time.

    Kibbutz Sde Boker, ZIP 8499300
    Phone: 08-6560469
    Fax: 08-6560320

    About David Ben-Gurion
    About David Ben-Gurion
    Ben-Gurion’s Blog (in Hebrew)
    Ben-Gurion's Blog

    How to find us?

    Driving directions to Ben-Gurion’s Home in Sde-Boker –

    Traveling from the North VIA Be’er Sheva: Follow Rout 40 South (Notice Rout 40 turns left at ‘Telalim’ Junction and Right at ‘Halukim’ Junction. After passing the Kibbutz entrance turn left at the gas station and continue driving (just a few more meters) until you arrive to Ben-Gurion’s Home. 

    Traveling from the South Via Mitzpe Ramon: Follow Rout 40 North. After Passing Midreshet Ben-Gurion (University), turn right towards the gas station, and continue driving (just a few more meters) until you arrive to Ben-Gurion’s Home. 

    Public Transportation:

    From Mitzpe Ramon or Be’er Sheva – take Metropoline Busses 60/64/65. Get off at the “Ben-Gurion’s Home” Stop, then continue walking 600 meters East. 

    For additional Information and bus schedules visit Metropoline or dial kol kav *8787


    Ben-Gurion Desert Home -Negev, Israel