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Information for organized group tours and additional activities

Additional information on our current exhibitions Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home welcomes all adults, families,
students, and private groups!
You can book a guided tour, with one of our own professional educators (in Hebrew/English/Spanish/Russian),
or lead your own group through the Museum in a self-guided tour. We will be happy to provide a customized visit, suitable for your group.

Alongside the Desert Home itself (which has been preserved as it was in 1973), Our Museum offers a variety of additional exhibitions, films and group activities, which present Ben-Gurion’s legacy, vision and their relevance to Modern day society in Israel. 

Admission (NIS) 2018 - 2019

Tickets NIS
Additional activities
*Charges are added to the regular ticket fees.
Guided tour for children (5-8), students and Senior Citizens
30 ₪
Guided tour for adult 40 ₪
Escape room activity – "Ben-Gurion and the chamber of secrets"- (up to 10 participants) 300 ₪
Opening the site beyond visiting hours – from 16:00-18:00300 ₪
Opening the site beyond visiting hours – from 18:00-23:00600 ₪

visiting hours:

Sunday-Thursday  8:30-16:00

Friday and Holiday Eves   8:30-14:00

Saturday and Holidays     10:00-16:00

Please arrive at least one hour before closing time.

Kibbutz Sde Boker, ZIP 8499300
Phone: 08-6560469
Fax: 08-6560320


About an hour and a half, but depending on your groups’ needs, we can plan a shorter visit, or a full day activity.

Yes! All groups are required to book their visit in advance (on the formal form below). Once you submit the form we will email you and approve your booking. Without this email, your booking isn’t final. Please notify us if there are any changes, as they must be approved by our staff.

Yes, but it must be booked in advance. 

Food and drinks are prohibited on the Museum grounds. “Paula Café” is located on site 08-6560479, and Haro’a Parking lot is nearby and suitable for picnics.

There are two gathering “huts” outside, based on availability and private class rooms can be booked in advance (additional charges apply).

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    *A booking approval will be sent via email by one of our staff members.
    **We request school groups to leave their school bags on the bus.
    Ben-Gurion Desert Home -Negev, Israel