Ben-Gurion's Desert Home Virtual tour

The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute is with you even at times of emergency! The Old Man is back for the good of the people of Israel! Stay at home and hop in to the Negev!

The virtual tour in the Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home is a unique opportunity for an intimate and exclusive visit in the home of the first prime minister of Israel who declared the independence of the State of Israel, established the I.D.F and built the foundations of Israel and the connections between Israel and world Jewry.

The tour is 45-60 minutes long and is suitable for ages 9-120, classes, families, communities, youth-movements and more. In addition, we can add an accompanying session to process the visit.
During this unusual period in time which keeps you at home, one of our guides will take you on a surprising visit allowing us to hop over the ropes of the museum and show you hidden places never seen on a ‘regular’ visit. During the tour we encourage questions and discussion and connect between history and reality today.

By receiving background information on the group prior to the visit we can ensure where to place the emphasis and ensure a meaningful and suitable visit.

Tours can be arranged outside the regular Desert Home’s hours by prior reservation.

We use Zoom App but can use any other digital platform.
You decide on the time, receive a link and lean back in your chair at home: the rest just happens like magic!

Looking forward to meet you!

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for more details:


tel: 972-8-6560469

visiting hours:

Sunday-Thursday  8:30-16:00

Friday and Holiday Eves   8:30-14:00

Saturday and Holidays     10:00-16:00

Please arrive at least one hour before closing time.

Kibbutz Sde Boker, ZIP 8499300
Phone: 08-6560469
Fax: 08-6560320

Ben-Gurion and the Greater Picture

A Glimpse of the Tour of the Home

A Glimpse of the Desert Home

Ben-Gurion Desert Home -Negev, Israel